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Sandgreen Beach

Sandgreen Beach is a hidden gem nestled along the coastline of Fleet Bay in Dumfries and Galloway. Known for its pristine sandy shores, rock pools and water sports, Sandgreen offers a tranquil escape with breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty.


During spring tides, Murrays Isles, situated directly in front of High Point, become accessible on foot. Airds Bay encompasses the small bay that encloses Sandgreen Beach, while the larger bay extends from the Murray Isles across to Mossyard, eventually leading inland to Fleet Bay, where the eponymous river widens into a broad estuary before narrowing in the section that underwent canalisation in the 18th century.

At low tide, the River Fleet reaches a depth of approximately two feet. The bay's surface consists of firm sand, with some sludginess near the river edge and along the rocky coastline. While there are no sinking sands or other hazards, occasional loss of Wellington boots has been reported in the sludge. At mid-tide, the sea returns at a rate of about 1-2 mph, depending on the extent to which it receded.

There is usually a tide table in the sitting room for tide times, but there are several free apps one can access from one’s phone.

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fishing boat

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